Learning A Language

I know for a fact that learning something from biking to writing can be intense. No matter how easy it might seem, there are always challenges along the way.  And one of the hardest things to learn is a language. :0    I always question myself when others ask, “How do you speak such goodContinue reading “Learning A Language”

Dress With Style!

My dad was probably the most stylish person you would ever meet. Everywhere we went (whether it was to another country or just a place in the city), he would go there with style. Big sunglasses, the coolest ones he can find. Big, and baggy shirts and pants (which looked too comfortable) and his poseContinue reading “Dress With Style!”

Top 10 – Favorite Food *Junk Food Edition*

 So as you know that I am not such a HUGE food person. But some foods are yummy for me. For example… junk food. Now I still don’t get why people call it junk food and not good food. But hey, that’s just a rhetorical question.     So today I will show you my TopContinue reading “Top 10 – Favorite Food *Junk Food Edition*”

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