Sleep is a need. Actually, to be honest with you, sleep is a want and need for me, but in general, everybody needs it.

We live on food and water, but we also live on sleep and that is because the more sleep you get, the more you can do. Sleeping is like refilling your energy bar. Once it is full, you can go ZOOM. Now I know some people who sleep only for 3-4 hours a day and still are okay. Just to let you know, less sleep affects you in the long term.

Coffee helps in staying awake…not in granting sleep

I am probably the person who sleeps more than anyone in my entire family. (I mean, getting the best lazy sleeper award is hard and takes time 😀 ) Sleep is a need and a want for me. I could sleep for 12 hours straight if I get really tired, which I do sometimes. However, if I feel like lazing around, I can sleep for 12 hours, but maybe with the occasional wake-ups.

This is the cool sleeping award.. in the form of a picture :0

I only require 7-8 hours of sleep, although I sometimes sleep more. That is good, actually great. Everyone should get at least get 7-8 hours of sleep. I remember how once I didn’t sleep too well and had sleeping issues for a whole 2 weeks. I felt so annoyed during that time because I wanted to sleep, but my schedule was all over the place.

This person is reminds me of when I had sleeping problems… 😦

Animals sleep too! I mean, look at the bears. They sleep for about 100 or so days during hibernation without food, water, and also without passing waste. Sleep is such a huge and important part for them because they need it for like.. a quarter or so of the whole year along with sleep after that. I wish I could challenge them to a sleep off. They would probably win though…. 😦

Pokemon Let's Go: How to Wake Sleeping Snorlax – Game Rant | Pokemon snorlax,  Pokemon, Snorlax
Snorlax could beat them!

HOWEVER, if I can’t beat a bear, I bet I can beat you. My highest sleep time has been 16 hours thanks to jet lag. I can still remember the first days of jet lag when I went to India and how I would dose off in my grandpa’s car. Then my grandpa would tell me to wake up and I would just go back to sleep. Not on purpose, I just couldn’t help it. 😦

Photo by Christian Domingues on

So my new goal is to sleep for 24 hours. Hopefully that happens someday too. Be sure to comment back below your highest sleep time too! I know that I can definetly beat you. 😀

Dress With Style!

My dad was probably the most stylish person you would ever meet. Everywhere we went (whether it was to another country or just a place in the city), he would go there with style. Big sunglasses, the coolest ones he can find. Big, and baggy shirts and pants (which looked too comfortable) and his pose ready to go. I am the cameraman for my trips, so…. clicking pictures of him was… rather annoying.

See? This is ‘style’

  He would want his picture with sunglasses and without sunglasses. If he thought the picture was bad, he would scowl at me or tell me to take it again. Personally, I found these things hilarious. It was too funny to watch. He didn’t look like the type of person who wanted to look perfect in his photos, but hey, it was fun to see. I would have half of his pictures of the trip and the other half of the rest of the family.

See? Clicking pictures ain’t easy…..

  So I dedicate this blog post especially, to him. 

   I find that the more baggy and big clothes are for me, the more I like them. Baggy pants? Yep. Baggy shirt? Why not? And when I wear clothes too big for me, my mom tells me that I look like a scarecrow. I really don’t. I look cool. Not like a Halloween decoration for crows… 😦

     “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them…”

SEE MY POINT MOM? The quote is the truth of why I look like a scarecrow. Cuz it feels good.

   Clothes are something that people can argue about all day and night. People’s tastes influence what they wear. It is interesting to see how so many people share the same preferences and how some preferences are totally different from each other. 

  I take clothes for granted most of the time. But when I saw how my dad would dress up like (nice, and stylish clothes), I was reminded of the fact that clothes make up what you are on the outside. And now when I wear my favourite coat or pull up my scarf, I remember how much it keeps me warm and how much happiness it gave my dad when he looked and felt happy in his cool clothes. 

Photo by Maria Orlova on

   My ideal clothing pairing would be detective-type wear. Black coat with black leggings. The cool black hat on my head. Tall black boots and big sunglasses. A modern Sherlock to be exact. 😀

Be sure to comment down below about your favourite style of clothing!

I wish I could dress up like this too 😀

Cats or Dogs?

Who would you pick? Cats or Dogs?

I personally find both very cute and different. But what about you? Which one would you prefer more? Let’s find out!

Dogs bond with people quickly. Like they say, ” A man’s first best friend was the dog.” My favourite breed is probably a Husky or Akita. Huskies have such cool fur and very unique eyes. Akitas are furry, large and powerful, but super cute at the same time. ( Be sure to comment down below your favourite dog breeds!) But these two are only some of the many hundreds of dog breeds!


Here is a short story about dogs in my life! (Yay! 😀 )

When you go to India you can see that there are dogs almost on every street. People call them wild dogs since they just tend to wander around and don’t belong to anyone. So in the day when it’s busy dogs don’t really bother people much. But then.. they come out at night. And if you’re on your own, walking down a deserted street ( like ones in neighbourhoods) then dogs will come chase after you. So try to stay in the shadows and don’t run when you see them, cuz, believe me, they mostly go in packs together and even if they don’t, they’re dogs and will definitely catch up to you. ( Scary huh? )

Akita Dog!

I am pretty sure you don’t see dogs roaming around on their own here, but maybe once or twice on the occasion. 🙂

Besides that, I love dogs. I and my brother even want one. My dad promised that once we got a proper house to live in we would then get a dog. And I and my brother were happy and got way too excited when he told us that. Now I am pretty sure that if you have siblings you have fights. Well… our fight about a dog started even before we ever got one. Like, fighting for who would decide the breed, the name, etc. Eventually, I decided to get a cat since we fought so much. Well after reading this I am pretty positive about the fact that I ruined our chances of getting a pet by 50% since my mom reads my blogs. ( I’m sorry bro)

This is the type of cat I wanted……

Cats are probably way different than dogs. And I can see why. They are so sophisticated and on their guard. I find that incredibly cool.

I don’t know many cat breeds, but I really like the tiny ones or the orange ones. They are super cute and soft to pet.

Cat story!

Now you may not find wandering dogs here, but you definitely would find cats here. Black cats especially. I find it strange that how can a tiny cat, like that, survive such cold weather? You can also find cats in India, but maybe not as much as dogs.

I remember one time in India, we were going to a place to visit family and as I and my mom were walking, a black figure rushes across us and into the next house’s backyard. It was a black cat! Once the cat went away I start to walk again, when suddenly my mom grabs my hand. “Something wrong?”, I ask. Do you know what she tells me? She tells me that the path got crossed with bad luck. I laugh at her saying, ” Seriously? Do you believe in all that? Okay fine. But we are at dead ends. Where do we go now? ” Lightbulb moment goes through her head. She picks up a rock and makes it skid, breaking the path. ” Let’s go! The rock got the bad luck so we are good now,” she says to me.

Malicious eh?

Even though cats and dogs are different from each other they still are pretty unique. Be sure to comment down below your favourite and the reason why you chose them!

If only I could have this cat……. 😦

Ikigai (Pt.1)

Every day I learn something new. This new topic that I am about to talk about is one of the most complex topics I have ever had to explain. That is why I want to give this challenge a shot. 😀

   One day I was just sitting at my desk on my Chromebook when a package came into our house. My mom told me that it was from my uncle and aunt from Switzerland as late Christmas gifts. When she gave me mine, my eyes glittered as I noticed the cover’s title. “Ikigai”. So this blog post is dedicated to them for giving me this amazing book! Thanks, Mama, Mami, and of course Ayaan!

  *I will not take a deep dive into this since it is a long topic and is very interesting. But I will be sure to give you an understanding of Ikigai. :D*

If you do however want to learn more be sure to click here

Site for the book I have. You can buy it using this link.

    Ikigai is a Japanese concept. The Japanese word ikigai is formed of two Japanese characters, or kanji: ‘iki‘ meaning life, and ‘gai‘ meaning value or worth. Ikigai, then, is the value of life or happiness in life. Put simply it’s the reason you get up in the morning. Ikigai is the reason you go to work or school. It is your reason for living. 

Photo by Eva Elijas on

   Ikigai can be anything! It can be your hobby, or your family, or even your work. Ikigai can be the food you eat, the things you enjoy doing, and even the things that you find interest in. Here are some interests that could be your ikigai!

   Food as ikigai: I know that many places in the world consider food should be fresh when served. Many foodies can have food as their ikigai! Like…. for example, eating new types of food or different cuisines of food. People who find happiness and meaning in life from food can have food as their ikigai!

Photo by Cats Coming on

   Volunteering: When you do something and want nothing in return in a way that can be your ikigai! For example, when you volunteer at a food shelter or donate money to a certain cause, you feel a sense of ikigai because you contribute to your community. 

Photo by Pixabay on

Family and Pets: Waking up in the morning to be with your family or pet(s) can be a form of ikigai too. Like spending time with them or going somewhere together.

Photo by Zen Chung on

   If there are 1,000 people in a room then there would be 1,000 different ikigai. Everyone looks at ikigai differently only because each person’s perspective is different. People can have one ikigai or more. Their ikigai can also change over time. For example, when someone has a child. Once someone has a child they then have the responsibility to take care of them and put the child’s needs before their own. The child can be their ikigai. 

    Now now. I am pretty sure you want to find out your ikigai. Hold on. The info I have given you isn’t still enough for you to fully understand the concept. Here is a site to find your ikigai on:

     But personally, I want you to just reflect on your past and try remembering events that you found endearing or events that affect you (in a good or bad way). Then think about what gives you happiness or joy to live. Then try answering these too!

  • What puts a smile on your face with just thinking about it?
  • Where does my curiosity lie?
  • What keeps me from being bored?
  • What aspects of my life do I seek to change?
  • What would I want to change for the future?
  • What makes me get up in the morning?

These are just a few questions out of the many questions I found in the book. 

All my credit goes to the author of this wonderful book Yukari Mitsuhashi. Thank you for exploring this wonderful topic! And thank you, Mama, Mami, and Ayaan for giving me this wonderful book. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Next week I will be posting Part 2! Be sure to see it come! Peace out ~_~

Top 10 – Favorite Food *Junk Food Edition*

 So as you know that I am not such a HUGE food person. But some foods are yummy for me. For example… junk food. Now I still don’t get why people call it junk food and not good food. But hey, that’s just a rhetorical question.

    So today I will show you my Top 10 favourite junk foods so far. Let’s go!

10) Dosa

         Dosa is an Indian dish. You can find the best dosa obviously in India but the restaurants here have some good dosas too. My favourite is probably the Mysore (My-sore) Masala Dosa and because it’s got cheese and potatoes with some spices. The restaurant I only would eat dosa from here is Southern Spices only because the dosa is large and tasty! Although… my mom’s dosa isn’t bad either. But compared to the restaurant dosa…. sorry mom. Dosa also comes along with chutney (a type of sauce) and sambhar ( a lentil with lots of vegetables). Together they taste too good. 

mysore masala dosa recipe | mysore dosa | mysore masala dose
Mysore Masala Dosa! YUM O-O

9) French Fries

    This is probably something I could have every day. If only that were possible. 😦 

    Still, fries are just great even without ketchup. The fries I like the most are from McDonald’s and of course NewYorkFries. McDonald’s fries have the right salt amount and just the perfectly fried fries. Too great. But, the veggie fries bowl from New York Fries is a whole new level. I want to shout to my both grandparents and my younger cousin and his parents in Switzerland to try the veggie bowl at New York Fries. They are just too good. I am sure Ayaan would like them! :0

    The veggie bowl is a combo of fries, veggies, and melted cheese. Sounds holy right? Once I and my brother had an attempt to make these fries at home and well they were good but not near the actual veggie bowl. Still, it was fun making them and my papa (dad) also got a chance to eat them. 

Copycat New York Fries Veggie Works - Saltwater Daughters
New York Fries!

8) Chocolate

   Now I know what you might be thinking… chocolate isn’t a food. But to me it is. Recently I have started liking chocolate way too much. But hey, that’s okay. As long as the chocolate’s yummy it’s good. 

   My favourite chocolate bar is Kitkat. Kitkat is great to me because when I bite it, I hear this *crunch* sound and it tastes too well. Also, shout out to my cousins (especially Adman who reads my blogs) and Ayan in Toronto because Kitkat is probably their favourite too. (Hopefully). 

   My favourite chocolate (like the ones that come in the boxes) are probably the ones that have the orange filling in them. I like them because of the filling that tastes like orange.

Nestlé Is Debuting 'No Sugar Added' KitKat Chocolate Bars

   *Yay, another dessert. Just so you know, if you wanna stop reading you can because I am probably sure that you are getting hungry. Me too. If my brother tries to read this, I am probably sure he won’t last after the ‘Fries’ paragraph.* O-o

7) Cake

      The cake is the best confection out of all confections. I believe I have some people that would agree here. There are so many cakes that I haven’t tried yet and they look too good. Sometimes I feel sad just looking at a grand cake and then thinking if I could make that. Although I do make cakes and so far people have liked them. 😀

   The cakes I like are vanilla cakes or cakes with some fruits like strawberries. I also like any other yummy looking cake. 🙂

Eggless Fresh Fruit Cake with Whipped Cream - Spices N Flavors
I wanna eat this!

6) Cookies and Milk

    COOKIES. Cookies and milk are probably the best breakfast choice. But I prefer an Indian breakfast more than that. Sorry cookies 😦

Still, cookies with milk are so good. I enjoy my milk warm and my cookies ready to eat. My favourite cookie of all time is Bourbon. You HAVE to try it. With milk, it is even better. I also love Oreo and Rusk. If it’s got cream in it and tastes good in milk then yes I would love it. Cookies and cream ice cream are great too. :p

Anu's Kitchendelights: BourBon Biscuit Milkshake Recipe
Bourbon Cookie with Milkshake!

5) Subway

    Subway is something that no one would consider fast food. I do. Subway is the best sandwich in all sandwiches. I would want to work in Subway if I could someday. Then I could eat free cookies all the time! :0

For people who may not know, Subway is a fast-food company like McDonald’s and specializes in sandwiches. You can also get soup, drinks, and cookies from there. So I am vegetarian which means I can’t have some of the meat options so I usually take only veggie subways. Now, there are 2 types. Footlongs and 6-inch. 6-inch is just half of a footlong. You can pick your own bread, cheese, sauce, and toppings. My favourite bread is Italian Herbs and Cheese with mozzarella and vegetables. I think overall, Subway is very filling and delicious!

Subway (Mulgrave St) Takeaway in Wellington | Delivery Menu & Prices | Uber  Eats
Subway Food

4) Pizza

      Pizza is one of my top 4 because the pizza I eat from PizzaPizza is just perfect every time. Pizza is something that I love eating from any restaurant because it is yummy each time. My favourite pizza besides cheese is the Desi Style pizza at PizzaPizza. I don’t know if you can get it in other places around Canada but this pizza is amazing. Like, if you are vegetarian and or like spicy stuff this is something you should try. The only pizza I have tried is vegetarian or cheese so be sure to tell me your favourite pizza in the comments!

Best Desi Pizza - Updated COVID-19 Hours & Services - 121 Photos & 281  Reviews - Pizza - 2360 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA, United States -  Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Menu - Yelp

3) Popcorn

  Oh, popcorn! Really, to be honest, I just love popcorn because there are so many popcorn flavours and I want to try them all! (Hopefully) For me, my favourites are probably the Smart Food popcorn and the Kernels popcorn. My favourite Smart Food popcorn has to be the Gouda and Chive and the Cheese and Jalapeno ones. For Kernels well, it’s probably the cheesy one. Too great. Now for people who want some tips, you should probably eat your popcorn during a movie or when you watch a show. But you should also try to eat it when you are bored. It really does cheer you up! 

Kernels Menu, Menu for Kernels, Oakridge, Vancouver
Kernels popcorn

2) Noodles

   Of course, I am going to have noodles on this list! Noodles are something that I have been eating since I was around 4 maybe 3? But noodles are something that I just love and cherish. There are many types of noodles of different companies in India so the ones I prefer you should try is probably Maggi and Ching Chinese Desi Noodles. These two are very tasty and I love ’em. Maggi is probably the most famous noodles in India. Everyone knows Maggi. My Nani (grandma) makes Maggi and adds some butter to it which makes it even better! Ching’s is something I started to eat when I was already in Canada. Ching’s was filled with spice, unlike Maggi where it was not too spicy. That is why I liked Chings. Cuz it was spicy. I loved the Manchurian flavour in Ching’s noodles because it wasn’t too spicy or too bland. 

maggi noodles recipe, vegetable maggi recipe - Yummy Indian Kitchen
MAGGII – ( PS – I don’t put vegetables in mine) 🙂

1) Pani Puri (Pa -ni) (Pu-ri)

    MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE. Pani Puri is a street food in India. Street food is something you could find when you would go on the streets in food stalls. When I go to India, I want to try out all the different types of Pani Puri. Pani Puri is where you have a bowl-like cracker and fill it with flavoured water (that has spices and all), potatoes, and other fillings. Then you eat it! Yum. My mom makes me Pani Puri so I add only the Pani and potatoes and eat it. My Pani flavour is just the simple one so I would want to try all the other yummy ones in India someday too! 

Aam Panna Pani Puri Recipe by Archana's Kitchen
Green water is the Pani!

Welp. Now I am hungry and my saliva can’t hold back. Looks like I will see you next time! Be sure to write down in the comments below what your favourite junk foods are!

My child is sneaking and hiding food. What should I do? | Sarah Remmer, RD
Sneaking for food be like

Makar Sankranti

I come from India and India is known for its festivals. The first festival in the calendar year is called Makarsankranti and is celebrated on January 14th every year. It is called Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti (Ma-ka -r sak-ran-thi) is the Indian festival where officially the Sun begins its journey towards the northern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere. So it is kind of like a winter solstice for us. The days start to become longer. With that, overall, many people take dips in the holy rivers and donate khichdi (a mixture of lentils and rice). However, in many parts of India, it is celebrated differently. Each state has a different name and way of celebrating this festival! Let’s check them out. 

Know About Importance Of Kartik Purnima Ganga Snan - #kartika purnima पर  स्नान और दीपदान का है पौराणिक महत्व, यहां शुरू हुई तैयारियां | Patrika News
People taking a dip in Holy river Ganga

Pongal (po-n -gal) 

In the southern states of Tamil Nada ( ta-mil-na-du), Andhra Pradesh, (An-da-ra Pra-de-sh), Telangana (Te-len-ga-na), and Puducherry ( Pu-du-cu-ry) the festival Pongal is celebrated. Pongal is celebrated to mark the harvest time of rice, turmeric and sugarcane. There are 4 days of Pongal and each day has its name. To learn more be sure to see this link!

honed horns of bulls
People decorating the cows for the festival

Lohri (Lori)

Lohri is celebrated in the northern states of Delhi, Punjab (Pun-jab), Haryana (Ha-ri-ya-na), Himachal Pradesh (He-ma-ch-l Pr-a-de-sh), and the Jammu (Ja-mu) region of Jammu and Kashmir. In Lohri, many people gather together and do a traditional bonfire. Usually, people eat sweets, popcorn, peanuts, and dance together. This year it is not possible but people are still doing their best! Way to go!

To learn more:

Lohri 2018: Why food is offered to fire during this harvest festival - The  Financial Express
People dancing and singing around the bonfire

Uttarayan (oo-th-a-ra-ya-n)

Uttarayan is celebrated in the western part of India called Gujarat (Gu-ja-rath). Here people fly kites on their rooftops during the day and kites with lanterns and at night. They listen to music, dance and even have their meals on the rooftop. The idea is to enjoy the sunshine at all times. Just the other day, I was talking to my grandparents in Vadodara, Gujarat and they were telling my mom how much they missed the loud noises and fanfare from previous years. I do have some faint recollections of flying kites when I was little.

Learn more!

Uttarayan: concerns over bird fatalities during kite festival in India |  Birds | The Guardian
Flying kites on rooftops

Bihu (bi-hu)

Bihu is celebrated in the region of Assam (A-sam). Bihu also celebrates the happiness of harvest and thanks to the Sun for help. People also sing songs and dance. There are 3 days in the celebration of Bihu. Each day people do something different just like Pongal. 

To learn more:

Happy Bihu 2019 Date: Importance & Significance of Bihu Festival in India
Celebrating Bihu by dancing!

Ghughutiya tyar (gu-gu-te t-io har)

In my hometown of Nainital, Uttranchal, Makarsakranti is called Ghughutiya tyar, which is also known as “kale kauwa” (literally translated as a black crow) is celebrated by preparing the sweet delicacy “ghughute”. Ghughute are prepared by kneading wheat flour into dough mixing it with jaggery and using milk or ghee according to one’s capacity. The dough is then shaped into various forms and these are deep-fried in ghee or oil. Once ready, these Ghughute are woven into a garland with an orange fruit in between. The next day morning young kids wear these garlands and offer the different shapes to crows by calling “Kale kauwa kale, ghughuti mala khale” (O black crow, eat this garland made of ghughute). There is a legend behind this ritual, the story of a king whose minister conspired to kill him and snatch away his kingdom. A crow learnt of the vicious plan and informed the king thus saving his life. Since then the festival is celebrated and crows are offered these sweet offerings. It is also believed that the offering to crows is indirectly an offering to the departed souls of one’s ancestors.  

All About Ghughutiya and Kumaon's Uttarayani Mela - Outlook Traveller
Plate decorated with the ghughute

With that hopefully, you were able to learn a bit about this festival! My mom has already made the ghughute, so I can’t wait to wear my garland too! 😀 

Can’t wait for next week! See you then! Peace out 😀

Photo by mentatdgt on

New Years Resolutions 2020

I was wondering, what can I do to be a good kid this year? Since I will be entering my teens, I was thinking about what I should do to be like one.

So here I am trying to figure out how to be a good kid without any problems. But hey, I suck at this kind of stuff so I am pretty sure this won’t go so well because I always forget the fact that I am older now. :0

My first resolution would probably be to publish weekly blog posts for you guys. Your support makes me feel humble and happy that you enjoy my writing even at its worst. So I will try to add some new features to the blog and probably have more things that will be informative and fun. Be sure to tell me your ideas in the comments below!

Photo by Designecologist on

My second resolution would be to learn some new things like cooking and financing. Now I might sound funny when I say this, but it would be nice if I could learn these things because in the future they will be an essential requirement for me. Also if I get money, I would probably spend it on useless items so I need to learn how to save stuff. And well, cooking….. I really cannot spend my life just eating noodles and soup cuz then my mom will kill me so again, an important lesson to learn.

Photo by Maria Orlova on

My third resolution would be to not fight with my brother so much because then it troubles my mom and I should learn to control myself anyways cuz I am not a baby like my brother. (Don’t tell him I said this otherwise this resolution is not possible). Maybe I should tell him to not fight with me. No, he’ll get mad at me, again. And then we will fight 😀

Photo by on

My fourth resolution is to practice on my piano. Perhaps if I get the hang of it I can play you guys a song! Hopefully, I can do something with the piano and make my brother see how “cool” I am. Then maybe we won’t fight. :0
I should also start to practice my Japanese again. Then maybe I can go to Tokyo and hopefully learn a fourth language!

Photo by RODNAE Productions on
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

Wow! I already have four resolutions and my list is so long! For now, I am going to keep it the way it is. But eventually, I will be sure to give you my update on my resolutions. Hopefully, I give you good results!

Be sure to tell what your resolutions are going to be in the comments below! Peace out 😀

Be sure to expect a blog next week Thursday! See you soon!

Christmas Lights

Ahh, Christmas! This year’s Christmas was probably the most interesting Christmas for me ever! So to do something productive this time I decided to see some Christmas lights.
The one thing I adore about Christmas lights is that they make whatever place you decorate them pop out! I especially love the golden lights because they look very pretty and kinda fit the Christmas colours.
So this year in my city I went every week to some neighbourhood to see their collection of Christmas lights!

Of course, there are some cute lights and some pretty lights…..but sometimes there are HUGE lights and even over-the-top lights! So here is a photo and description of some of these wacky and fun lights!

1) Train Lights

I call this house “Train Lights” because it had a train! This was probably my favourite house because the way everything pulled together was beautiful and so bright!

The train lights house !
The Train Lights house’s train !

2) Candy Cane Lane and Polar Bear Lane

Now in Winnipeg, there is a lane called the “Candy Cane Lane” and every year for Christmas they always have some special Christmas lights up. Usually, most houses always have at least some candy cane decorations up to show that they are part of the Candy Cane Lane! And the same goes for the Polar Bear Lane! They both are located in the same area.

Sign for the entrance of the Polar Bear Lane
The VIP house for the Polar Bear Lane

3) Bright Lights

This house had a mixture of lights which made it pop out a lot! This house was set up with different children’s cartoons too like Mickey Mouse and Minions!

Can you name any other cartoons in this picture?

4) Winnipeg Lights

This house had lots of things on it. Like, a huge snowman along with a bird on top of the house! It even had some symbols that would describe Winnipeg like the home hockey team!

Look at the bird!

5) Reindeer Lights

Besides the houses, a lot of people had set up reindeers! They looked so cool! I liked the golden ones!

Pretty, right?

6) Christmas trees!

This year’s Christmas trees were beautiful too! Loved them tons…

This is a tree in a part of Downtown, Winnipeg

7) Elf Village

Finally, our last stop was the winning house in Winnipeg for the lights competition! We went to a house that had made an elf village! They had made miniature houses with little decorations and elves inside and outside each house! There was a parlour, a school, a church and so much more!

Here is a video of all the little elf village!

I hope you guys have a wonderful New Year and hopefully COVID can finally end! Be sure to tell me how your New Years went and how you celebrated it in the comments below! Thanks, guys and peace out! 😀

Among Us

Hey guys! Happy that you are reading THIS particular blog post! Today I will tell you about a viral game that is so good for people who like being detectives… can u guess what it is?
Well, it’s Among Us!

Among Us is a game in which you are either Crewmate Or Imposter. Whichever one you are, you got a duty to do. And that’s to win.


When you’re a crewmate your job is to either finish your tasks or catch the Imposter(s). Crewmates have jobs around the map depending on the map of course. There are 3 maps in Among Us so far. The Skeld, Moorahq, or Polus. Each map has different tasks. Once all crewmates finish their tasks, they then win! Or if they catch the imposter. If you are new to Among Us, I suggest you check the video below to know how to catch an imposter and do your tasks!


The Imposter or Imposters have some privileges! To stop the crewmates from completing their tasks they can kill them. There is a kill cooldown for the imposters so that the crewmates can have an easier chance. Imposters can also sabotage and vent. Venting is when you can use tiny vents and travel from one place to another. Here is a video on some really good imposter tricks.

Some extra info to know:
Each game has got a minimum of 10 players. In that, there can only be 3 imposters max. Rounds can last at least 5 to 10 minutes. To know more, be sure to check Among Us!

I hope you are interested in Among Us! If you don’t get what I am saying then be sure to just try the game out on your own! Play with friends and family! (And when ur an imposter, be sure to take out the annoying people first. (Seriously, it feels good when you do))

Till next time!

By the way:

I made is cool guy on “Among us avatar maker.” I call it Ultimate Nishinoya 4!

You can make one too! At Among Us Avatar Maker!


First of all, I would like to genuinely apologize for not updating all of you for the past two months.

Second of all, POTTERY is…..AWESOME! I feel that pottery is a gorgeous and satisfying art. (Really, it is) In pottery, your base material, and well only material is clay! There are different types of clay but the most common clay is earthenware clay. I have used it for my past classes in pottery and it feels very soft to the skin.

To start off as a beginner in pottery, I suggest you start off with some classes. Take classes at your own pace, and if you feel to want to continue this as a business or a part-time activity.

When you begin taking classes make sure you are ready to get messy. I remember my first class, and by the time I got home, I had to take a shower because of the mess I had done on my clothes and arms. I then got to work after preparing my clay.

Lastly, I took pottery because it is very intriguing. You know that when u glaze the pottery it’s the final outcome is from clay to marble-like sheerness in the item. It’s like from clay, so fragile and muddy to marble, like bowls u eat-in and more glass-like. That is what is intriguing about pottery!

To learn more:

Be sure to check out some tutorials and pottery makers do work on Youtube simply by searching:

Thank you and see you in the next post!


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