Resources For Learning A Language

As I said in my previous post, learning a language requires a couple of things, one of those being a type of resource.

If you haven’t seen my previous post.. then here it is!


Now you might have heard of many learning apps when wanting to learn a language. For example, Duolingo, Babbel, Pimsleur, etc. There are a lot of learning apps to use!

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However, are all of these apps efficient?

I have used Duolingo before for Japanese and I liked it quite a bit. The only problem was that it started immediately with hiragana which is good for people who may want to learn how to write the language. However, it can then be hard to memorize vocabulary when you don’t even know the basic things.

But Duolingo is a great tool for learners who want to learn how to write and also helps enhance vocabulary.

Babbel is another site that I really enjoy too. It mostly has European languages, however, it does have some others. I love this site because it has different ways to interact with you in a conversation. I remember that I tried a free go of Babbel by picking German to try it out… and I still remember some words! Unlike words on a screen, there is audio that helps you understand how to pronounce and gets in your head!

Last but least, Pimsleur. I have yet to try this app (because it costs money) but am positive that it is worth it. Pimsleur allows you to use audio to listen and talk back to conversations! Really, it is amazing. I don’t know much of how it is used, but this Pimsleur ad is convincing enough.

So besides apps… are there any other resources? My answer? Yes.

Books and audiobooks are my favourites. With books, learning how to read and write a language can become easier, especially if you like reading or writing like me.
However, nothing can beat audiobooks! Audiobooks are an amazing resource because the more you listen to the words, the more you follow along, and the more you try repeating after the audio the better! Because speaking and interacting with the language by following a book and listening to audio can be so beneficial.

Not the right book, but close enough 🙂

So… focus on speaking than reading or writing first! Either repeat the words you listen to or converse with a friend in that language. And if possible, then attend in-person classes to get a better understanding!

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