Rainbows Are Perfect

On July 14, 2020, I saw with my family the most beautiful and glorious rainbow of my life.

In the past few days, my life was hard. My father died of some rare cancer and we were all broken. Luckily for us, all our family that lived in Canada had come over to support and take care of us. I was dealing with a lot of pressure because now, I had to carry my mother and my little brother.

That day, that majestic rainbow reminded me of a sign. A sign from my father. There were two of them, but they looked so good and made me feel a sort of vibe that tickled inside me. It calmed my nerves, and for the first time in a while, I smiled.

As everyone knows, the COVID – 19 pandemics had been spreading like wildfire for a long time. That day, it felt as if the rainbow was a sign that God is here to help us and soon this pandemic will end.

I am a spiritual person and think about the deeper meaning of things. My father was a wonderful religious man and trusted God with whatever God had in plan. If that rainbow was a sign, then I was prepared for it.

Life is filled with thorns, spikes, and dust. But it is also filled with roses, sunshine, and rainbows. These things might not last forever, but when they come they give a lesson on life.

14 thoughts on “Rainbows Are Perfect

  1. That’s my girl, that’s the positivity your father would like you to live with. He was indeed a great man, who will be watching for you always in the future and be there to guide you! Love you loads, keep your writing alive to express more, May God bless you!


  2. When I saw the rainbow, it was a sign from God that not all is sad in this world. You have rightly put it here. It is a sign from your dad to move on and remember the beautiful moments


  3. Can’t believe 12 year girl can pen down such wonderful thoughts.. proud of you 💕
    More power to you girl!!
    Keep writing


  4. I am so impressed with your writing… you are just 12 and amazed by your wisdom. You are so precious, you will make your parents so proud. God bless you.
    Nirali Shah


  5. Very nice Anavi your thoughts are very clear and you have a very strong explanation . Love you dear my Rockstar


  6. This was a very heartwarming post. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s tough for sure, but his legacy will always be with you!

    I remember watching a speech where someone suggested writing down how you feel on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) everyday. Every now and then you get low days, but eventually the gaps between them grow and grow, and you see that you can get more and more great days coming in the future 🙂


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