What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or think……chocolate?

     I think chocolate is something everyone can enjoy. Personally, I feel that chocolate is life. It is probably one of the treats that I can eat anytime, as long as I have water to rinse it down with after eating it. (Cuz then I have this weird aftertaste in my mouth and that sucks 😦 )

      If we were to discuss chocolate brands and companies then the first thing to come to your mind would be KitKat, Coffee Crisp, Smarties etc. For me nowadays the first thing would be dark chocolate. And not because it’s my favourite. But because I hate it. Like, I despise it. ( Sorry to the inventor of dark chocolate ) 😀

Dark chocolate has such a strong taste and leaves a huge impression. It’s like the chocolate version of coffee/caffeine to me. Bitter, strong taste, and harder to rinse down with water. 

Dark choco looks amazing…but taste? umm

        Besides that, one of my favourite chocolate brands besides Kitkat would be Lindt. Lindt is more of an exclusive or luxurious version of the chocolate stuff like Kitkat. 

But that is okay with me because it does look and feel like a luxurious type of chocolate. The wrapping, the style, and even the design of the chocolate. Apart from that, their chocolate flavours are amazing. I especially love the milk chocolate and strawberry flavours from Lindt. 


        I really wanted to know other people’s preferences on chocolate who are my age too. So I asked 3 boys and 3 girls around the ages of 12 – 14 the following questions:

– What is your favourite chocolate flavour?

– What is your favourite chocolate brand (ex. Hershey’s)

– How would you describe chocolate? (In your own words)

My first friend was a girl who is 13, (older than me), and here are her words:

 “My favourite chocolate flavour is dark chocolate, my favourite chocolate brand is Hershey’s, I would describe chocolate as sweet, rich, and uh melty?”

  • The total opposite of me in liking dark chocolate….. well I have to say that she dares to eat something so bitter…
This looks rich for sure 😀

The second one was a boy, also 13, (older than me), and here is what he said:

“Hershey’s cookies and cream is my favourite flavour and Hershey’s is my favourite brand of chocolate. I would describe chocolate as smooth, thick and light with a sweet flavour that doesn’t taste sweet.”

  • I must agree that Hershey’s is a brand that I and my dad love a lot.

The third person, also a friend and a girl, 12 (younger to me) said:

“I like Milk chocolate as my flavour and Kitkat and Hershey’s are my favourite brand. I would describe chocolate as the perfect snack to have when you’re sad cuz when it melts in ur mouth it feels good.”

  • She and I could relate a lot……
Chocolate really can cheer you up 😀

The fourth was a boy, also my cousin, younger than me, and he said:

“My favourite choco flavour would be milk/white, my favourite brand would be Ferrero Rocher, and I would describe chocolate as brown, gooey stuff.”

  • I like the fact that he enjoys white chocolate because I don’t see people who like white chocolate often…….
Milk and White choco the best 😀

The fifth, one of my friends and another girl (age 12), said this:

“My favourite brand is Dove and my favourite flavour is white choco.”

  • She had a hard time finding words to describe chocolate, so let’s just say that describing chocolate made her speechless 😀
Detective Pikachu agrees! haha

The last but not least person was a boy, (14), and also my beloved cousin and he said:

“My favourite flavour of chocolate is white choco, my favourite brand is Lindt, and chocolate is creamy goodness(sometimes), which is an amazing snack that helps you concentrate.”

  • I like his description :0

So by seeing these results, I realized that people around my age like the stuff in chocolate that I like, which made me feel happy! 😀

In conclusion, I would say that chocolate makes you feel happy or cheers you up whenever it’s around! 😀


10 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. So true, who doesn’t like chocolates?? My favourite was Dairy Milk Fruit n Nuts, sold in India. The ones available outside don’t have the same taste! Aarav likes snickers n Ayan likes Kinder eggs!

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  2. Hi Golu,

    I love the concept of writing about foods, besides reading the interesting comments it makes your mouth water and you start craving for some of it right away! Well who does not like chocolates? For me chocolate is a way of demonstrating your love, celebrating anything, breaking ice (with someone new), snacking, cheering someone up (when sad), asking forgiveness (when someone is mad at you), a good gift (when you do not know what to give) and there is always a time or occasion for having one!

    My favorite chocolate is Toblerone (all flavors). I also like Lindt (mostly all), Diary milk (fruit & nut), Kitkat (original). The best part of your post was soliciting feedback from your peers and presenting it.

    Thanks for another interesting post, now I need to eat some chocolate! Wanna join….

    Luv Ma

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  3. Hi Rockstar
    Chocolates are definitely loved by all youngester of your age group. There are many brands and type of chocolates world over . Lindt is brand which has many type of flavours,shapes and taste. When I go to Switzerland or Mama mami come to me they bring lot of chocolates mostly from Lindt brand. As it is manufactured in Switzerland and most premium brand there. I life filled chocolates most . There are many flavours in filled chocolates.
    Chocolates are used as breakfast ,short meal ,and energy food specially by sportsmen . Any way it is interesting to go through your choice . Please do write and keep us informed.
    Lot of love
    Nana and Nani

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  4. I’m not a person with a sweet tooth but reading this has made me wonder if I have been missing out on something. A very good read. On the occasions if I ever feel like having chocolate my preference has always been the ones that have nuts in them so Oh Henry or Cadbury Fruit and Nut. My favourite while growing up was Milky Bar by Nestle and yes it is White Chocolate.It has a lot of memories attached to it as my best friend and I used to sneak and eat it class and on many occasions were caught and made to stand outside class. I also enjoy Hersheys Cookies and Cream. That is a lot for a person not having a sweet tooth😜😜Thank you for sharing it brought back childhood memories for me.

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  5. Hi Anavi,
    The topic you touched is of course the one which will change everyone’s mouth watery. For me all chocolates work as I am always a fan of sugar 🤪but since last few years I prefer dark chocolates from Lindt, also the one with 99% cocoa. I just love it, not every prefers so I don’t have hide them anymore 😬.

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