Flowers can never go wrong, especially giving someone flowers as a gift. Flowers have so much meaning behind them that even my brother would accept them. (Hopefully)

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I am still young so I haven’t seen every flower. But pictures can be pretty too right? My favourite flowers would probably be roses and wisteria. Roses come in so many colours even if the most generic colour for us is red. But red is special when it comes to roses and that is what is the roses’ pride colour. I am positive that not many people have heard of Wisteria. Wisteria is a vining plant with cascades of blue to purple flowers. They are very pretty and big. They last for a long time, but obviously, require lots of care.

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From roses, I remember a story! Once I had bought roses for my mom’s anniversary and I loved and adored them. They were so red and bright. But elegant and regal too. And when I would stare at them I would feel this sense of sadness. It felt as if, the roses were saying that they had everything, but were missing something. Maybe it was a message or sign. But it helped me understand that no matter how much wealth or love you have, there will always be something missing.

Wow so pretty 😀

There are some beautiful flowers, and some painful ones too. Like for example, poison ivy. If you touch or eat it it can cause some serious (poison) problems. But is a pretty plant with.. uh cool leaves. (What?)

Oh no……..

However, the Venus Flytrap. OH NO. That thing literally eats insects. Like it shouldn’t even be considered a plant because it is a carnivore.


You know just talking/writing about flowers makes me want to buy a greenhouse. 😀

Hmmm if I do get a greenhouse someday I would probably take care of roses, wisteria (but it requires a lot of sun, so maybe during summers), tulips, marigolds, sunflowers (hehe good luck with THAT), lilies and lots more!

WOW What a wonderful greenhouse :0

Question: Do you have a garden?

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12 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Hi Anavi
    Thanks for writing about one of my most loved things, flowers. You know I like having fresh flowers around me all the time. I find them refreshing. I am attracted to them like a bee! My favourite list is long though I like Dahalias, Crysenthemums, sunflower, lily, orchids, tuberose, jasmine, marigolds….The list goes on! A big yes for that green house. We will create it together when we buy a house.
    I enjoyed reading keep writing girl!

    Luv Ma

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  2. Dear Rock Star,
    I love your choice of flowers. It is true that flowers are always beautiful and pleasing everyone. Even the fragrance of many flowers is very pleasant. People use various fragrance in daily life they are from flowers like dasy,lavender,rose,jasmin and gardenia the list is unending these all flowers are very beautiful and grows in different part of world as per warm , terrestrial and cold climate. But all are very very nice to see. It is True Rose is king of all flowers and can be seen everywhere.
    As regards use of flowers they are used to show love, gratitude, friendship, blessings,and remembrance.
    In my openion the right place of flowers is their plant and branch where they grow. As by detaching them from plant flowers loose their freshness and their real fragrance.
    Love You A Lot
    Nana and Nani

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  3. Hey Princess,

    Loved that you thought of flowers as your blog this time. Like you I love all kinds of flowers. I honestly don’t have a favourite flower or colour. I love all colours and all flowers. I am scared of orchids as they take too much care and I am not very great with plants. But i love looking at them. So I am not in for your greenhouse but will love to see one when you have one.

    Love you tons,

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  4. Another good one from your side. Its always good to see them as a part of greenery as slowly we have a scarcity of them in the cities. People can nowadays find these delicacies only in the flower shops unfortunately.

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