You know, the weather decides so many things. It decides what we should wear outside, what we can do outside, and what precautions we need to take.

My favourite weather is when it rains. Yes, some might say it feels sad and gloomy with the sky all gray and dark, but that is what makes it lovely. The sky makes me want to light it up. The rain makes me want to play in it. And most of all, when it rains, especially on gloomy days, it reminds me, tells me that there is someone out there crying with me and giving me comfort on that lonely day.

Beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€

Besides that, wearing proper clothes for each weather can be fun or a nuisance. For example, wearing jackets, tuques, gloves, boots, and so much more to bundle up during snowy days in the winter can get annoying. I know how sometimes when we would go to school in the winter we would have to wear stacks and stacks of items to protect ourselves from the cold and it was crazy especially when we were getting late on schedule.

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I, however rather prefer winter clothes over summer clothes. Let me tell you. I would rather prefer protection and sweat over getting bitten by bugs.

Doing things during the different types of weather is peaceful too. I love tobogganing, making snowmen, and having a snowball fight in winter, but I love swimming at the beach, playing sports outside like soccer, and having picnics during summer weather.


Along with that, I also like dressing up in a raincoat and flaunting my umbrella during rainy days and enjoy watching the sky during cloudy days.

But what I hate or dislike the most are the precautions. In summer, you should apply sunscreen or sunblock to avoid sunburns which can be something you won’t want to do because, for me, sunscreen is sticky to my skin and scares me because one drop in my eye can be game over.

I’m not ready for sunscreen right now…..

And wearing piles of clothes is annoying too. Especially during cold days since the temperature here in winter can go up to -40 Celsius. And believe me, wearing just a jacket and some mittens and hats ain’t going to keep you warm or comfortable during a temperature like that.

So in the end, the weather can be your friend or enemy. But it can also be the thing to warm up your day! ๐Ÿ˜€

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6 thoughts on “Weather

  1. You are back, looks like spring is in the air! Enjoyed your interpretation of weather. I have always loved summers more than any other weather. I also love the natural beauty during transitions. The onset of spring – green and colorful everywhere; the pastel colors in fall; to the serene white in winters! Wish I could paint them all, but since I am not a painter I have captured them in photographs.
    Lovely post as always!
    Keep writing girl.

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  2. Hi Dear
    Rock Star
    All seasons have their good and bad and it is very natural to have likes and dislikes as per our convenience . At times we love winter ,springs,fall or rains and also summer after a long winter.
    All wether are good as per nature’s cycle. I love your open views ,and choice of climate. Pl do enjoy as per your likes and keep writting like this
    We love to read and read it again .
    Love you

    Nana and Nani

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  3. Its a very important topic for everyoneโ€™s life because you have to stock up the clothes for every weather. My favourite one is spring as you donโ€™t have to wear too much or too less and you can go outside comfortably.
    Keep up this habit of writing which is also giving us a chance to introspect before writing.

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