Sleep is a need. Actually, to be honest with you, sleep is a want and need for me, but in general, everybody needs it.

We live on food and water, but we also live on sleep and that is because the more sleep you get, the more you can do. Sleeping is like refilling your energy bar. Once it is full, you can go ZOOM. Now I know some people who sleep only for 3-4 hours a day and still are okay. Just to let you know, less sleep affects you in the long term.

Coffee helps in staying awake…not in granting sleep

I am probably the person who sleeps more than anyone in my entire family. (I mean, getting the best lazy sleeper award is hard and takes time πŸ˜€ ) Sleep is a need and a want for me. I could sleep for 12 hours straight if I get really tired, which I do sometimes. However, if I feel like lazing around, I can sleep for 12 hours, but maybe with the occasional wake-ups.

This is the cool sleeping award.. in the form of a picture :0

I only require 7-8 hours of sleep, although I sometimes sleep more. That is good, actually great. Everyone should get at least get 7-8 hours of sleep. I remember how once I didn’t sleep too well and had sleeping issues for a whole 2 weeks. I felt so annoyed during that time because I wanted to sleep, but my schedule was all over the place.

This person is reminds me of when I had sleeping problems… 😦

Animals sleep too! I mean, look at the bears. They sleep for about 100 or so days during hibernation without food, water, and also without passing waste. Sleep is such a huge and important part for them because they need it for like.. a quarter or so of the whole year along with sleep after that. I wish I could challenge them to a sleep off. They would probably win though…. 😦

Pokemon Let's Go: How to Wake Sleeping Snorlax – Game Rant | Pokemon snorlax,  Pokemon, Snorlax
Snorlax could beat them!

HOWEVER, if I can’t beat a bear, I bet I can beat you. My highest sleep time has been 16 hours thanks to jet lag. I can still remember the first days of jet lag when I went to India and how I would dose off in my grandpa’s car. Then my grandpa would tell me to wake up and I would just go back to sleep. Not on purpose, I just couldn’t help it. 😦

Photo by Christian Domingues on

So my new goal is to sleep for 24 hours. Hopefully that happens someday too. Be sure to comment back below your highest sleep time too! I know that I can definetly beat you. πŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. My dear Rockstar we all know about your fancy to sleep and have maximum time. Same was with your aunt (Massi) at your age and we had to struggle to keep her awake. I agree sleep is must but you must never forget your duties and responsibilities and sleep.
    We love your open confession for sleep and support you
    Love you a lot
    Nana and Nani

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  2. I don’t remember if I have crossed 9 hours in last 15 years. I was never a child who sits at home, its rare if you ask in our family.
    But I must agree that you should continue to sleep as much as you can. As you grows there are things which only you have to manage and then you have balance sleep with other things.
    Wish you luck and success with that.

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