Dress With Style!

My dad was probably the most stylish person you would ever meet. Everywhere we went (whether it was to another country or just a place in the city), he would go there with style. Big sunglasses, the coolest ones he can find. Big, and baggy shirts and pants (which looked too comfortable) and his pose ready to go. I am the cameraman for my trips, so…. clicking pictures of him was… rather annoying.

See? This is ‘style’

  He would want his picture with sunglasses and without sunglasses. If he thought the picture was bad, he would scowl at me or tell me to take it again. Personally, I found these things hilarious. It was too funny to watch. He didn’t look like the type of person who wanted to look perfect in his photos, but hey, it was fun to see. I would have half of his pictures of the trip and the other half of the rest of the family.

See? Clicking pictures ain’t easy…..

  So I dedicate this blog post especially, to him. 

   I find that the more baggy and big clothes are for me, the more I like them. Baggy pants? Yep. Baggy shirt? Why not? And when I wear clothes too big for me, my mom tells me that I look like a scarecrow. I really don’t. I look cool. Not like a Halloween decoration for crows… 😦

     “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them…”

SEE MY POINT MOM? The quote is the truth of why I look like a scarecrow. Cuz it feels good.

   Clothes are something that people can argue about all day and night. People’s tastes influence what they wear. It is interesting to see how so many people share the same preferences and how some preferences are totally different from each other. 

  I take clothes for granted most of the time. But when I saw how my dad would dress up like (nice, and stylish clothes), I was reminded of the fact that clothes make up what you are on the outside. And now when I wear my favourite coat or pull up my scarf, I remember how much it keeps me warm and how much happiness it gave my dad when he looked and felt happy in his cool clothes. 

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

   My ideal clothing pairing would be detective-type wear. Black coat with black leggings. The cool black hat on my head. Tall black boots and big sunglasses. A modern Sherlock to be exact. 😀

Be sure to comment down below about your favourite style of clothing!

I wish I could dress up like this too 😀

14 thoughts on “Dress With Style!

  1. Your dad was stylish since his college days, his hairstyle and black leather jacket. None of my friends believed he was my mama and lived with us. Some of them just declined to call him msma n called him by name instead. He was known for his style. No one in our family has still inherited that yet, 😃

    The first stylish boots he bought were expensive Woodlands! He told me, not too tell anyone about how much it costed, 😃 So many memories of him, let’s keep the best in our minds n cherish them forever!

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    1. WOW. I knew nothing of this. THat is very interesting. I knew that he had his cool jakets and all and especially sooo many shoes. Even right now, we have around 6 to 10 pairs of his shoes still here. 😀 Really happy that you were able to tell me about this…


  2. Hi Anavi ,
    I also agree, jijaji was really cool and stylish. He was carrying himself with confidence and most importantly he was wearing what he likes which is very important to dressing up for your self not for others.
    Dressing with style is about more than the clothing; it is about how you carry yourself and confidence plays major part here😊
    Lots of love

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  3. Atta girl! By your dressing sense you are making a style statement! So yes, your dad was so particular about it and good at it too! But it was not just about him taking the time to dress well and click pictures. He wanted all of us to also pay a lot of attention in the way we dressed. He believed that if you do not dress well and take interest in grooming your self than you are lazy.

    I remember on so many occasions he made us change our clothes. Sometimes I thought he was being picky but he did not care what we thought. All that mattered to him that we were all presentable.

    It’s kind of cool to see you wear some of his clothes from his wardrobe and I am sure he is smiling on you when you dress in his clothes.

    Love always my scare crow!! Xo Xo

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  4. Hi Rockstar
    It is true that your dad was a very stylish and fond of excellent dressing attitude .When ever he came across a new style dress of male or female he always bought them up for family or even for relations and pass them on to all.
    Even we remembered that he bought us dress and other things like socks ,hats, goggles.Many a times he also tempted to bye in bulk for him and others.
    I happy to learn that u are carrying forward his lagacy .It will definitely please him .May I share a secret with you that my youth was also like ur dad to remain stylish and in fancy cloths .When we meet shall share old photographs confirming my dressing taste.Please keep writing like this to make us more closure with you and family
    Love u a lot
    Nana and Nani

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  5. Hi my little warrior,

    Loved the post! Jiju and his style. He was stylish about everything and stepped out only when he was satisfied about how he looked. This was another area where we were so different and has so many arguments. I have always been a casual dresser and he was always very particular about it.

    I am so happy to see you evolving your own style. Take a lot of picture in your various styles and when you are a little older we will see how your style has changed over a period of time. Have fun and keep writing!


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  6. Indeed you have touched an interesting topic. I believe everyone have their own style which evolves when you are a teenager and changes when start earning as you see money in your wallet and it goes on.
    Your dad was really an amazing personality and no one can beat that. His looks and his physique both were the add on. He was really trying the latest fashion and explore the market accordingly. He always ensured that everyone surrounding him also follow the same. Your dadaji is also an inspiration there as we used to see him not just with the clothes but cleaning his shoes until it shines in the old style with brush and shoe polish for around 15 minutes every day before he leaves for the civil court.


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