Who enjoys nature? Who enjoys gardening? Well, I do! We do gardening in flower pots so it is not typically gardening but still is something!

Gardening is a skill that takes time and patience. Usually, for me, I can only do gardening in July and August, since that is when it is warm. So for me, gardening is just a couple of flowers and tomatoes to grow.

Our tomatoes always grow small, bit size types. Our flowers, however, some last throughout summer and then come winter. My mom always keeps the plants that did not die during the summer in winter as well. But usually, only three to four survive the whole year. But maybe it is different from where I live compared to something else.

For example, my grandparents’ place. Where they live, it is sunny all year round so it is easier for plants to grow!

As you can see, the vegetation is large, unlike my place.

(Featured at the top(my place))

To be honest, it is my mom that just adores gardening. I do too, and probably that is how I like it so much. Gardening is easy. In just a few steps you can garden in anyplace!

This year, we went over the top and put not only tomatoes but other vegetables as well! We put in, cauliflowers, cabbages, cucumbers, peppers, and jalapenos.

If I were to compare my garden with my grandparents’ garden, then probably their garden would be crowned for the most vegetation. Their garden is always filled with vegetation because where they live, summer is there all year long!

That’s it on my end! Be sure to write in the comments below on how you do your garden!

4 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Thanks for capturing our memory garden dear. Yes I love gardening, got it from your nana nani and am passing it on to you!

    Keep writing my love.


  2. Very nice to see your love for gardening . Me too learned gardening by experience. So our garden is green you can also achieve same slowly. Pl keep doing and love your way of expressing thoughts.
    Love you


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