Ever since a young age, I have enjoyed reading quite a bit. At times my parents would even scold me for reading books. Why? Well, if I read a book anywhere, then I wouldn’t listen to anyone. Of course, not on purpose! The book would pull me into another reality that my ears would shut on their own. 😀

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

   I still enjoy reading. I read more on my Chromebook nowadays, but I still love reading. Reading is the reason I got into writing as well.

   Whenever I would read a book, I would enter another world. Each time I wondered how amazing authors are and how they are so creative with their writing! Books like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter have amazed me and still do! But, at one point, I thought, that, “Can I make a world like this too?”

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

  And so, I began my journey of writing. At first, I would write letters to others on paper to express my thoughts and feelings. After doing that for a while, I realized that writing helps a lot with expressing your feelings! I would write random things, from how school was to what I had for dinner! It was a lot of fun. But I wanted to go further. (:

   Once I started to grow more in height and age, I learned something new. Daydreaming. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Daydreaming?! How is that helping you to go further? Haha. Well, I would daydream about books! About Hogwarts, about flying, and about magical powers! And guess what? That’s how I got the name, Alice! Since I was Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) to my family. Curious and a daydreamer about everything. 


  I even learned how to talk to myself. I would imagine a scene in my mind, close my eyes to draw that scene in my mind, and then boom! Act it out. I acted these kinds of things in the bathroom since it was the perfect place. (:

  Eventually, I started to write in school. I would write essays, short stories, paragraphs, and the more I wrote, the more I got better at writing. Writing made me so happy. I could pour out my thoughts on a piece of paper! Wow!

    Then last summer, I started watching anime. Anime (for those who might not know) is Japanese Animated Cartoons. When I started watching anime, I realized that there are even more possibilities of different realities! 

Anime: Demon Slayer (One of my favorite animes :D)

 Blogging is something I love doing. It lets me pour out my opinions and feelings on different things. I’m glad that I can make people happy with my writing. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to write a story and make a world of my own! 🙂

Resources For Learning A Language

As I said in my previous post, learning a language requires a couple of things, one of those being a type of resource.

If you haven’t seen my previous post.. then here it is! https://blogwithdragon4warrior.wordpress.com/2021/06/10/learning-a-language/


Now you might have heard of many learning apps when wanting to learn a language. For example, Duolingo, Babbel, Pimsleur, etc. There are a lot of learning apps to use!

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

However, are all of these apps efficient?

I have used Duolingo before for Japanese and I liked it quite a bit. The only problem was that it started immediately with hiragana which is good for people who may want to learn how to write the language. However, it can then be hard to memorize vocabulary when you don’t even know the basic things.

But Duolingo is a great tool for learners who want to learn how to write and also helps enhance vocabulary.

Babbel is another site that I really enjoy too. It mostly has European languages, however, it does have some others. I love this site because it has different ways to interact with you in a conversation. I remember that I tried a free go of Babbel by picking German to try it out… and I still remember some words! Unlike words on a screen, there is audio that helps you understand how to pronounce and gets in your head!

Last but least, Pimsleur. I have yet to try this app (because it costs money) but am positive that it is worth it. Pimsleur allows you to use audio to listen and talk back to conversations! Really, it is amazing. I don’t know much of how it is used, but this Pimsleur ad is convincing enough.

So besides apps… are there any other resources? My answer? Yes.

Books and audiobooks are my favourites. With books, learning how to read and write a language can become easier, especially if you like reading or writing like me.
However, nothing can beat audiobooks! Audiobooks are an amazing resource because the more you listen to the words, the more you follow along, and the more you try repeating after the audio the better! Because speaking and interacting with the language by following a book and listening to audio can be so beneficial.

Not the right book, but close enough 🙂

So… focus on speaking than reading or writing first! Either repeat the words you listen to or converse with a friend in that language. And if possible, then attend in-person classes to get a better understanding!

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

Learning A Language

I know for a fact that learning something from biking to writing can be intense. No matter how easy it might seem, there are always challenges along the way. 

And one of the hardest things to learn is a language. :0

   I always question myself when others ask, “How do you speak such good English?” or when I hear such a question. I wonder, “How did I learn English? Did I copy someone’s speech when I was a kid?” I wonder the same for my mother tongue, Hindi. It felt as if I knew how to speak these two languages the moment I was born.” 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

    But obviously, that isn’t true. So now, I want to learn a language to see how hard it can be! But when you get older it becomes harder to learn a language since you start getting engaged in so many things that you just don’t get time. Not only that, but it becomes harder to learn a language because either you know a language too well and it is hard for you to transition or it is hard for you to learn something this big over a process of time. 

   I feel all those feelings. I want to learn many languages. For example, I want to learn Japanese because anime and Japanese culture interest me. I want to learn Spanish because my brother is interested in going to Spain someday and if both of us learn the language, then we can communicate with each other. I also want to learn German so I can communicate with my cousin, uncle, and aunt in Switzerland where German is one of the official languages. 

Japanese characters :0

   Speaking of official languages, Canada has two! English and French. So obviously I learn French in school too. And not only me, but my three cousins and brother will learn it too. Even my cousin in Switzerland! Yay!

    But, if I want to learn a language then…..where do I start? Hehe, I’m here to help! Here are some steps that you may want to use when starting to learn a language!

  • Setting a start date
  • Giving it a go
  • Being consistent
  • What materials?
  • How far?
Start writing!

Setting a Start Date:

When you want to start something new you should always have a date you want to start at. For example, I am going to start learning Japanese and Spanish this year during the summer since I won’t have any homework or activities to worry about. 

Giving it a go:

There is a first time for everything: From riding a bike to learn how to drive. So is the same for a language. You want to test it out first. Maybe after the test, you might realize that you don’t want to learn any languages or maybe you want to learn a different language. But don’t be dishearted that learning a language isn’t for you. There are always other options!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Being Consistent:

After you know for sure that you want to learn a certain language, be consistent. Maybe study for half an hour each day or 3 hours a week, but make sure you are doing it in a timely manner because if you don’t, then you will lose the thoughts and things you have learned if you come back to it a month later.

What materials?:

So before you start, you probably need some resources or sites to help you study right? For example, apps like Duolingo or Babbel are common apps/resources people would use to learn a language. But what is there besides that? (Coming in the next blog post! Be prepared!)

How far?:

Once you know a couple of phrases or some basic things of the language, you want to see how far you wish to go. Do you want to learn how to write the language? And then perhaps even learn to read the language. Maybe you want to continue learning how to speak the language. Or you’re just fine with what you have learned and want to stop. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

So whatever language you want to learn from Italian to Mandarin, the road definitely won’t be easy! So be prepared and I’m with you! 😀

Fun Fact: Did you know that all of China’s languages use the same script! :0

Rainbows Are Perfect

On July 14, 2020, I saw with my family the most beautiful and glorious rainbow of my life.

In the past few days, my life was hard. My father died of some rare cancer and we were all broken. Luckily for us, all our family that lived in Canada had come over to support and take care of us. I was dealing with a lot of pressure because now, I had to carry my mother and my little brother.

That day, that majestic rainbow reminded me of a sign. A sign from my father. There were two of them, but they looked so good and made me feel a sort of vibe that tickled inside me. It calmed my nerves, and for the first time in a while, I smiled.

As everyone knows, the COVID – 19 pandemics had been spreading like wildfire for a long time. That day, it felt as if the rainbow was a sign that God is here to help us and soon this pandemic will end.

I am a spiritual person and think about the deeper meaning of things. My father was a wonderful religious man and trusted God with whatever God had in plan. If that rainbow was a sign, then I was prepared for it.

Life is filled with thorns, spikes, and dust. But it is also filled with roses, sunshine, and rainbows. These things might not last forever, but when they come they give a lesson on life.

A Tribute To My Papa

I lost my father at the age of 12. My life will be hard………….

My father died at a young age of 49 on July 9, 2020. I was just 12yrs old when my loving father passed away one night in the hospital. He was a wonderful man and he deserves this tribute.

Since November, my papa has had extreme pain around his stomach. He and my mother had to deal with so many doctors, meds, pain, news, and so much sadness.

My father was diagnosed with some rare cancer. I don’t know how or why he got cancer but it was known that his cancer had reached stage four after he was in the hospital. 

These past months when he got sick, we did our best to make him happy in his last days. We gave him the grandest Birthday and Father’s Day we could ever give. I still remember when it was my Birthday, he even had said, “ I’m sorry if I don’t last for your next birthday beta.”

I did not care. I knew that my papa would be fine for all my birthdays in the future too. 

In the end, my Mausi (Aunt) told me that, “ He was in a lot of pain. He is now free. Free from that pain. Let him go, let him go.”

How could I let him go? How? I could not take his place ever. And I could not let the fact that he is gone come over me either.

So here is the tribute to my precious soul. My Papa.

Life is like a torch. When it burns out, then it can never be the same again……

Thank You, Papa. For everything you have done

And for shining like the bright sun

I thank you not for who you are

But thank you for the things you have done.

Thank you, Papa. May you rest happily and peacefully in heaven. I love you and promise you that I will keep your legacy alive forever.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or think……chocolate?

     I think chocolate is something everyone can enjoy. Personally, I feel that chocolate is life. It is probably one of the treats that I can eat anytime, as long as I have water to rinse it down with after eating it. (Cuz then I have this weird aftertaste in my mouth and that sucks 😦 )

      If we were to discuss chocolate brands and companies then the first thing to come to your mind would be KitKat, Coffee Crisp, Smarties etc. For me nowadays the first thing would be dark chocolate. And not because it’s my favourite. But because I hate it. Like, I despise it. ( Sorry to the inventor of dark chocolate ) 😀

Dark chocolate has such a strong taste and leaves a huge impression. It’s like the chocolate version of coffee/caffeine to me. Bitter, strong taste, and harder to rinse down with water. 

Dark choco looks amazing…but taste? umm

        Besides that, one of my favourite chocolate brands besides Kitkat would be Lindt. Lindt is more of an exclusive or luxurious version of the chocolate stuff like Kitkat. 

But that is okay with me because it does look and feel like a luxurious type of chocolate. The wrapping, the style, and even the design of the chocolate. Apart from that, their chocolate flavours are amazing. I especially love the milk chocolate and strawberry flavours from Lindt. 


        I really wanted to know other people’s preferences on chocolate who are my age too. So I asked 3 boys and 3 girls around the ages of 12 – 14 the following questions:

– What is your favourite chocolate flavour?

– What is your favourite chocolate brand (ex. Hershey’s)

– How would you describe chocolate? (In your own words)

My first friend was a girl who is 13, (older than me), and here are her words:

 “My favourite chocolate flavour is dark chocolate, my favourite chocolate brand is Hershey’s, I would describe chocolate as sweet, rich, and uh melty?”

  • The total opposite of me in liking dark chocolate….. well I have to say that she dares to eat something so bitter…
This looks rich for sure 😀

The second one was a boy, also 13, (older than me), and here is what he said:

“Hershey’s cookies and cream is my favourite flavour and Hershey’s is my favourite brand of chocolate. I would describe chocolate as smooth, thick and light with a sweet flavour that doesn’t taste sweet.”

  • I must agree that Hershey’s is a brand that I and my dad love a lot.

The third person, also a friend and a girl, 12 (younger to me) said:

“I like Milk chocolate as my flavour and Kitkat and Hershey’s are my favourite brand. I would describe chocolate as the perfect snack to have when you’re sad cuz when it melts in ur mouth it feels good.”

  • She and I could relate a lot……
Chocolate really can cheer you up 😀

The fourth was a boy, also my cousin, younger than me, and he said:

“My favourite choco flavour would be milk/white, my favourite brand would be Ferrero Rocher, and I would describe chocolate as brown, gooey stuff.”

  • I like the fact that he enjoys white chocolate because I don’t see people who like white chocolate often…….
Milk and White choco the best 😀

The fifth, one of my friends and another girl (age 12), said this:

“My favourite brand is Dove and my favourite flavour is white choco.”

  • She had a hard time finding words to describe chocolate, so let’s just say that describing chocolate made her speechless 😀
Detective Pikachu agrees! haha

The last but not least person was a boy, (14), and also my beloved cousin and he said:

“My favourite flavour of chocolate is white choco, my favourite brand is Lindt, and chocolate is creamy goodness(sometimes), which is an amazing snack that helps you concentrate.”

  • I like his description :0

So by seeing these results, I realized that people around my age like the stuff in chocolate that I like, which made me feel happy! 😀

In conclusion, I would say that chocolate makes you feel happy or cheers you up whenever it’s around! 😀

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com



Flowers can never go wrong, especially giving someone flowers as a gift. Flowers have so much meaning behind them that even my brother would accept them. (Hopefully)

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I am still young so I haven’t seen every flower. But pictures can be pretty too right? My favourite flowers would probably be roses and wisteria. Roses come in so many colours even if the most generic colour for us is red. But red is special when it comes to roses and that is what is the roses’ pride colour. I am positive that not many people have heard of Wisteria. Wisteria is a vining plant with cascades of blue to purple flowers. They are very pretty and big. They last for a long time, but obviously, require lots of care.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

From roses, I remember a story! Once I had bought roses for my mom’s anniversary and I loved and adored them. They were so red and bright. But elegant and regal too. And when I would stare at them I would feel this sense of sadness. It felt as if, the roses were saying that they had everything, but were missing something. Maybe it was a message or sign. But it helped me understand that no matter how much wealth or love you have, there will always be something missing.

Wow so pretty 😀

There are some beautiful flowers, and some painful ones too. Like for example, poison ivy. If you touch or eat it it can cause some serious (poison) problems. But is a pretty plant with.. uh cool leaves. (What?)

Oh no……..

However, the Venus Flytrap. OH NO. That thing literally eats insects. Like it shouldn’t even be considered a plant because it is a carnivore. Like..wow.


You know just talking/writing about flowers makes me want to buy a greenhouse. 😀

Hmmm if I do get a greenhouse someday I would probably take care of roses, wisteria (but it requires a lot of sun, so maybe during summers), tulips, marigolds, sunflowers (hehe good luck with THAT), lilies and lots more!

WOW What a wonderful greenhouse :0

Question: Do you have a garden?

Also be sure to check out our post on : Gardening 😀



You know, the weather decides so many things. It decides what we should wear outside, what we can do outside, and what precautions we need to take.

My favourite weather is when it rains. Yes, some might say it feels sad and gloomy with the sky all gray and dark, but that is what makes it lovely. The sky makes me want to light it up. The rain makes me want to play in it. And most of all, when it rains, especially on gloomy days, it reminds me, tells me that there is someone out there crying with me and giving me comfort on that lonely day.

Beautiful 😀

Besides that, wearing proper clothes for each weather can be fun or a nuisance. For example, wearing jackets, tuques, gloves, boots, and so much more to bundle up during snowy days in the winter can get annoying. I know how sometimes when we would go to school in the winter we would have to wear stacks and stacks of items to protect ourselves from the cold and it was crazy especially when we were getting late on schedule.

Photo by Gantas Vaiu010diulu0117nas on Pexels.com

I, however rather prefer winter clothes over summer clothes. Let me tell you. I would rather prefer protection and sweat over getting bitten by bugs.

Doing things during the different types of weather is peaceful too. I love tobogganing, making snowmen, and having a snowball fight in winter, but I love swimming at the beach, playing sports outside like soccer, and having picnics during summer weather.


Along with that, I also like dressing up in a raincoat and flaunting my umbrella during rainy days and enjoy watching the sky during cloudy days.

But what I hate or dislike the most are the precautions. In summer, you should apply sunscreen or sunblock to avoid sunburns which can be something you won’t want to do because, for me, sunscreen is sticky to my skin and scares me because one drop in my eye can be game over.

I’m not ready for sunscreen right now…..

And wearing piles of clothes is annoying too. Especially during cold days since the temperature here in winter can go up to -40 Celsius. And believe me, wearing just a jacket and some mittens and hats ain’t going to keep you warm or comfortable during a temperature like that.

So in the end, the weather can be your friend or enemy. But it can also be the thing to warm up your day! 😀

Photo by Aline Nadai on Pexels.com


Sleep is a need. Actually, to be honest with you, sleep is a want and need for me, but in general, everybody needs it.

We live on food and water, but we also live on sleep and that is because the more sleep you get, the more you can do. Sleeping is like refilling your energy bar. Once it is full, you can go ZOOM. Now I know some people who sleep only for 3-4 hours a day and still are okay. Just to let you know, less sleep affects you in the long term.

Coffee helps in staying awake…not in granting sleep

I am probably the person who sleeps more than anyone in my entire family. (I mean, getting the best lazy sleeper award is hard and takes time 😀 ) Sleep is a need and a want for me. I could sleep for 12 hours straight if I get really tired, which I do sometimes. However, if I feel like lazing around, I can sleep for 12 hours, but maybe with the occasional wake-ups.

This is the cool sleeping award.. in the form of a picture :0

I only require 7-8 hours of sleep, although I sometimes sleep more. That is good, actually great. Everyone should get at least get 7-8 hours of sleep. I remember how once I didn’t sleep too well and had sleeping issues for a whole 2 weeks. I felt so annoyed during that time because I wanted to sleep, but my schedule was all over the place.

This person is reminds me of when I had sleeping problems… 😦

Animals sleep too! I mean, look at the bears. They sleep for about 100 or so days during hibernation without food, water, and also without passing waste. Sleep is such a huge and important part for them because they need it for like.. a quarter or so of the whole year along with sleep after that. I wish I could challenge them to a sleep off. They would probably win though…. 😦

Pokemon Let's Go: How to Wake Sleeping Snorlax – Game Rant | Pokemon snorlax,  Pokemon, Snorlax
Snorlax could beat them!

HOWEVER, if I can’t beat a bear, I bet I can beat you. My highest sleep time has been 16 hours thanks to jet lag. I can still remember the first days of jet lag when I went to India and how I would dose off in my grandpa’s car. Then my grandpa would tell me to wake up and I would just go back to sleep. Not on purpose, I just couldn’t help it. 😦

Photo by Christian Domingues on Pexels.com

So my new goal is to sleep for 24 hours. Hopefully that happens someday too. Be sure to comment back below your highest sleep time too! I know that I can definetly beat you. 😀

Dress With Style!

My dad was probably the most stylish person you would ever meet. Everywhere we went (whether it was to another country or just a place in the city), he would go there with style. Big sunglasses, the coolest ones he can find. Big, and baggy shirts and pants (which looked too comfortable) and his pose ready to go. I am the cameraman for my trips, so…. clicking pictures of him was… rather annoying.

See? This is ‘style’

  He would want his picture with sunglasses and without sunglasses. If he thought the picture was bad, he would scowl at me or tell me to take it again. Personally, I found these things hilarious. It was too funny to watch. He didn’t look like the type of person who wanted to look perfect in his photos, but hey, it was fun to see. I would have half of his pictures of the trip and the other half of the rest of the family.

See? Clicking pictures ain’t easy…..

  So I dedicate this blog post especially, to him. 

   I find that the more baggy and big clothes are for me, the more I like them. Baggy pants? Yep. Baggy shirt? Why not? And when I wear clothes too big for me, my mom tells me that I look like a scarecrow. I really don’t. I look cool. Not like a Halloween decoration for crows… 😦

     “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them…”

SEE MY POINT MOM? The quote is the truth of why I look like a scarecrow. Cuz it feels good.

   Clothes are something that people can argue about all day and night. People’s tastes influence what they wear. It is interesting to see how so many people share the same preferences and how some preferences are totally different from each other. 

  I take clothes for granted most of the time. But when I saw how my dad would dress up like (nice, and stylish clothes), I was reminded of the fact that clothes make up what you are on the outside. And now when I wear my favourite coat or pull up my scarf, I remember how much it keeps me warm and how much happiness it gave my dad when he looked and felt happy in his cool clothes. 

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

   My ideal clothing pairing would be detective-type wear. Black coat with black leggings. The cool black hat on my head. Tall black boots and big sunglasses. A modern Sherlock to be exact. 😀

Be sure to comment down below about your favourite style of clothing!

I wish I could dress up like this too 😀
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